Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who owns the IDC of Zimbabwe Limited?

The Industrial Development of Zimbabwe Limited s a statutory body created in terms of an Act of Parliament, (Chapter 14:10). It is wholly owned by the Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe and accordingly is a state enterprise. The IDCZ however is unique in that it is also registered in terms of the Companies Act (Section 3). The Corporation is a limited liability company. The Corporation operates on a financially self-sustaining basis.

What are the IDC of Zimbabwe Limited’s objectives?

The Corporation is mandated to establish and conduct any industrial undertaking; to facilitate; promote; guide and assist the financing of: new industries, industrial undertakings (including small and medium scale), schemes for the expansion, better organization and modernization of and the more efficient carrying out operations in existing industries and industrial undertakings; implement Government policy in regard to decentralization of industry, choice of technology and any other matter which the Minister may specify; to undertake the development of management and technical expertise in the carrying out of industrial undertakings; and to take measures to acquire direct and effective control of its investments and to that end to ensure industrial development in Zimbabwe may be planned, expedited and conducted on sound business principles.

What is the IDC Z’s role in Zimbabwe’s economy?

Our role is to add value through industrial processes and capital formation (foreign direct investment) to create wealth, employment and industrial development in Zimbabwe.

Is the IDC of Zimbabwe a bank?

The IDCZ is a Development Finance Institution (DFI) and as such we seek to promote the country’s industrial and economic growth through our public-private partnerships. A commercial bank on the other hand accepts deposits and makes loans to the general public.

Does the IDCZ give loans to individuals and companies?

It is currently not offering loans but will in the near future reconsider this position.

Does the IDCZ enter or structure any joint ventures?

We operate on a joint venture arrangement using local or foreign partners where each of the partners gets shareholding that is equivalent to what they would have brought into the project.