Sunway City seeks US$7 million for cotton factory

Sunway City (Pvt) Limited says it requires at least US$7 million for the construction of a spinning cotton factory at its industrial park.

Sunway City Managing Director, Mr. Tendai Kapumha said the factory would be constructed adjacent to the weaving company in order to integrate processes.

“We want to do beneficiation, increase revenue, create jobs and raise taxes for the government along the way. This project had been suspended due to liquidity challenges” he said.

Speaking to journalists during a recent media tour of the Sunway City Industrial Park, Mr. Kapumha said the construction of the cotton factory had begun in 2002 and some funding had been accessed from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

He said the company was targeting the cotton sector as it was now showing some signs of growth.

The company has so far used up 15 percent of the land in the industrial park and is yet to start construction in the other parts of the Park.