Zimbabwe Grain Bag (Pvt) Ltd


Zimbabwe Grain Bag (Pvt) Limited was formed in 1986 as a joint venture between the Treger Group of Companies and the Industrial Development Corporation. The Primary objective was to satisfy the country's annual demand for grain bags which until that time were being wholly imported. The Grain Marketing Board was the sole distributor of the grain bags.

Over the years the company has grown and diversified its product range to meet changing market requirements. The company currently covers the agricultural, mining, industrial and export sectors of the economy. Our major product range now includes bags for grain, fertilizer, cement, stockfeed, mealie meal, minerals, sugar, fresh produce, woven pp cloth and bulk bags. Our latest product, bulk bags are suitable for packaging of mineral ores,sugar, coal etc. up to 2 tons capacity. We also manufacture packaging to the customer's specifications .The Company employs +/-250 employees.