IDCZ Courts Chinese investors for completion of industrial park

Sunway City (Pvt) limited is courting strategic partners or equity partners to complete infrastructure works at its 1 560 hectare integrated industrial park that is located about 11 kilometres east of Harare’s CBD.

Funding constraints have slowed work at the industrial park, which started about 10 years ago.The Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe Limited’s Public Relations Advisor Mr. Derek Sibanda said US$93 million was required for the completion of the infrastructure servicing that includes road works, water and sewer reticulation.

“In an endeavour to accelerate development of the integrated industrial park, discussions with potential Chinese investors are at an advanced stage. We have already allocated Sunway City US$1.5 million from our line of credit for completion of water works and the servicing of a low density residential phase,”he said.

He said the same Chinese partners have built and have similar projects in Egypt and Zambia and that the concept was to develop the park into a production, commercial and residential logistical hub base for entering the COMESA and SADC markets.

The Park is strategically located as it is traversed by a regional road and railway. It is also conveniently located only 6.5 kilometres from the Harare International Airport. This will provide a direct link between the Sunway City’s Inland Port (Dry Port) and the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe’s Air Cargo Hub development project at the airport.

Mr. Sibanda said to date four companies are already operational in the industrial park, one producing bleached cotton products, thee second manufacturing animal and public health products, the third processing chrome and the fourth one is the country’s national oil procurement company.

Construction of four buildings is currently underway in the Export Processing Zone. Two are textile factories, one is a software development building and the fourth is a storage warehouse.

Sunway City (Pvt) Limited is a subsidiary of the Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe Limited.
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