3. Sunway City (Pvt) Ltd

Brief Background

Sunway City (Pvt) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe Limited (IDCZ) and owns a 1592 hectare land bank for developing an eco-friendly world class integrated residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and recreational park. This is to provide relevant infrastructural development to facilitate industrialisation and economic growth of Zimbabwe as well as Regional Integration. Its major attraction is its central location and proximity to air, road and rail transport which makes it suitable as a production and distribution centre. It has recently been designated as a Special Economic Zone with special focus on developing a hi-tech park.

Under the commercial arm of the park is the development of factory shells where some have already been completed while the other four are still halfway through. The incomplete factory shells already have tenants ready to occupy them. These include 2 textile factories, one technology building and a storage warehouse. IDC is therefore looking for financial partners who can provide lines of credit to finish off the construction of four incomplete factory shells at Sunway City. The estimated cost to completion is US$14 million.

Investment Opportunity

Co-development of the land bank and dilution of IDCZ to the extent of the level of investment. Separate tailor made infrastructure development opportunities within the industrial park in partnership with Sunway City or through a Special Purpose Vehicle or as a private development.



Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe Limited, 93 Park Lane, Harare,

Tel: +263 4 706 971-5, Fax: +263 4 250 385,

e-mail: ceo@sunwaycity.co.zw, chimenyat@sunwaycity.co.zw,