New Investment Opportunities for Joint Venture Partnerships

Tobacco Processing into High Value Chemicals

Zimbabwe is the largest grower of tobacco in Africa, and the 6th largest grower in the world, currently producing over 200 million kgs per annum. The bulk of this is exported as raw, flue cured tobacco while only 2% is processed into cigarettes. The country does not have a large tobacco manufacturing industry and produces only enough cigarettes to supply the domestic market and a relatively small volume for export. Tobacco is among the major foreign currency earners in Zimbabwe and there is potential to earn more through value addition of raw tobacco into other higher value products for the pharmaceutical sector such as nicotine and solanesol. IDCZ is therefore looking for partners to process tobacco into such high value chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry. The project is still at pre-feasibility stage and could be progressed to detailed feasibility in partnership with a willing investor.  

Food Grade Phosphoric Acid

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