Stone Holdings (Pvt) Limited

Brief Background

The company is owned by Finstone SARL (51%) and the Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe Limited (49%). It has subsidiaries which are Zimrock International, Quarrying Enterprises and Minaco. Zimrock International is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stone Holdings. Its main business is that of processing dimension stone into slabs using its cutting and polishing plant located in Ruwa. Quarrying Enterprises is 55% owned by Stone Holdings and is in the business of quarrying dimension stone and supplying it to both Zimrock and for export. Minaco is also wholly owned by Stone Holdings and adds value to the slabs by cutting them to customer specifications, for kitchen counter tops and cladding for the construction industry.

Investment Opportunity

Equity partner of strategic fit to replace IDCZ which is disposing of its 49% stake in the company.  


Contact Details:

Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe Limited, 93 Park Lane, Harare,

Tel: +263 4 706 971-5, Fax: +263 4 250 385,