Sunway City Integrated Park

Brief Background

Sunway City (Pvt) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe Limited (IDCZ) and owns a 1592 hectare land bank for developing an eco-friendly world class integrated residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and recreational park. This is to provide relevant infrastructural development to facilitate industrialisation and economic growth of Zimbabwe as well as Regional Integration. Its major attraction is its central location and proximity to air, road and rail transport which makes it suitable as a production and distribution centre. It has recently been designated as a Special Economic Zone with special focus on developing a hi-tech park.

Under the commercial arm of the park is the development of factory shells where some have already been completed while the other four are still halfway through. The incomplete factory shells already have tenants ready to occupy them. These include 2 textile factories, one technology building and a storage warehouse. IDC is therefore looking for financial partners who can provide lines of credit to finish off the construction of four incomplete factory shells at Sunway City. The estimated cost to completion is US$14 million.

Investment Opportunity

Co-development of the land bank and dilution of IDCZ to the extent of the level of investment. Separate tailor made infrastructure development opportunities within the industrial park in partnership with Sunway City or through a Special Purpose Vehicle or as a private development.



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The development of the Sunway City Integrated Park envisages the creation of modern all-inclusive business, commercial, industrial, residential and entertainment complexes designed, built and managed to world class standards incorporating the use of cutting edge technologies and management systems. The Park is being developed on 1 559 hectares of land of which +/- 800 hectares is still to be developed. In its strategic framework, Sunway City envisages undertaking projects involving the development of basic infrastructure encompassing roads, storm water management systems, transport systems, cargo terminals, telecommunication infrastructure, and water and sewerage reticulation. In addition, Sunway City intends to develop factory shells, specialized factory units, office complexes, shopping malls, distribution centers and entertainment parks.

Hi Tech Park

The High Tech Park is planned on land measuring about 80 hectares and will act as a magnet for Information Technology and Knowledge based industries. The core anchors of the High Tech Park will be large multinational corporations such as Huawei, Lenovo, Microsoft, ZTE, etc. It will also house local telecommunications companies, incubator facilities for small to medium sized start-ups in innovation and technology as well as research and development institutions. A feasibility study is currently being undertaken by an international consultancy firm and it is expected to be completed before the end of 2017.

Medical Park

Sunway City is proposing to set up a world class medical park to  offer specialist medical services. Studies have shown that a number of Zimbabweans and patients from the SADC Region are seeking services such as oncology and diagnostic treatment as far as India, East Asia and East Africa. About 10 hectares of land has been set aside for the medical park which will offer the following world class specialist medical services, among others; Oncology, Radiotherapy, Urology, Nephrology, Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat), Ophthalmology and Acute Stroke treatment. 

Regional Shopping Centre

This will cater for the shopping needs of employees, residents, and investors in Sunway City as well as surrounding communities in the region. The land area covers about 18 hectares and is strategically located along the recently upgraded Mutare Road.

Dry Port/ In-Land Port

It is meant to provide Inland Port and distribution facilities for imports into Zimbabwe and the SADC region. This is a key project along the Beira Corridor which will promote more usage of the Corridor and is planned on a piece of land measuring 22 hectares. Currently, significant shipping into Zimbabwe and other surrounding countries is coming through the ports of Durban and Port Elizabeth at a great cost. The dry port will therefore decongest pressure on the Beitbridge border post. Major developments have been undertaken to improve road and rail infrastructure both on the Zimbabwean and the Mozambican side of the Beira Corridor.

General Manufacturing Cluster

There is also an opportunity invest in value-addition and beneficiation of locally produced raw materials and minerals within the General Manufacturing Cluster.

Residential Development

Land has also been set aside for the development of flats and cluster houses as well as high and medium density housing to cater for the accommodation needs of employees and investors in the Park.

Special Economic Zone Status

The Government is targeting to develop Sunway City into a Special Economic Zone (SEZ). The SEZs will benefit from special fiscal and non-fiscal incentives which will be given to attract both local and foreign investors. The development of SEZs will be guided by the SEZ Act, passed into law in October 2016.

  1. Equity Partner/s to take up equity in Sunway City.
  2. Long term project finance for development of infrastructure projects within Sunway City Integrated Park
  3. Co-developers or Strategic Partners in the Sunway City Integrated Park on a project by project basis.
  4. Entrepreneurs to set up production, distribution, and commercial facilities as well as the related residential houses in the Sunway City Integrated Park.