About Us

Funded Projects

    • Construction materials
    • Portable water purification and distribution
    • Timber processing
    • Furniture manufacturing
    • Meat processing
    • Organic and chemical fertiliser manufacturing
    • Engineering projects
    • Silicates manufacturing

To be an innovative and responsive development finance institution for the creation of industrial capacity for the provision of quality and competitive goods and services for the local and export markets by 2030

To identify, develop and implement new and existing industries and industrial undertakings that promotes decentralisation of sustainable industrial development, equitable employment and empowerment opportunities in Zimbabwe.

Transparency: open to public scrutiny

Professionalism: adherence to all professional standards

Innovation: exploring new possibilities

Dynamism: Responsive and adaptive to changing environment

Equality: equal employment and empowerment opportunities

Environmental Protection: promoting environmentally sustainable growth

Integrity:  honesty, fairness as we discharge our duties

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