Industrial Development Funding

The Corporation has evolved its operations to include funding industry in response to the need to reindustrialise and retool the manufacturing sector through the Industrial Capital Fund. The Government of Zimbabwe is playing a pivotal role in availing the funds for such retooling through treasury. IDCZ will also be going onto the market to source additional funding, both onshore and offshore to augment what is currently available. Funding operations commenced in 2019 and have been growing on an annual basis. The funding is strictly for companies in the manufacturing sector and those into value addition and beneficiation of local raw materials. This can be in the form of debt, equity or any other mutually agreeable suitable structure for the projects at hand. Priority is given to those pursuing projects in line with the national development strategy, import substitution and exports generating investments. As a Development Finance Institution, the funding is designed to be more patient and concessionary in order to cater for customers who may not be able to qualify for commercial funds from the banks.

The Fund is in local currency (RTGS) and is managed as a revolving facility, meaning that as other beneficiaries repay, the reserve being built becomes available to others.

The Fund targets corporates who are either existing or new who are into manufacturing and value adding activities across the country and priority is given to those who are able to exploit our local currency to export or have the potential to do so or to import substitute.(Refer to Eligibility section for more details)

Customers must first satisfy themselves about their eligibility and availability of funds before initiating the application process which begins with obtaining or down loading a list of application requirements and application form which could alternatively be obtained from IDCZ offices.

Completed applications will be submitted to the IDCZ for processing.

The applicants will be expected to comply with all the stipulated application requirements and the Corporation will not accept incomplete applications.

Construction materialsFurniture manufacturingBrick manufacturing
Portable water purification and distributionOrganic and chemical fertiliser manufacturingEngineering projects
Timber processingMeat processingSilicates manufacturing
Mineral beneficiationFood & beverages manufacturingSchools/laboratory equipment
Stockfeed production  

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