Shareholding Structures

The investments shareholding structures range from 100% like Chemplex and to 17% at Modzone, with FDI partners like Italians in dimension stone mining and processing, Indians and Singaporeans in Surface  Wilmar Investments and Olivine Holdings or agro industry, Chinese in cement, and, Iranians at Modzone and Motira, and local conglomerates TA  Holdings at Sable chemicals and ZFC. All partners have a right of first refusal in the event of our divesture. Shareholder partners at ZGB and Stone Holdings have since exercised their Right of First Refusal.

Group Investment and Shareholding ,  Structure and Sector Clusters

The group investments comprise;

  • Large, medium and small,
  • Created, acquired or rescued,
  • Subsidiary, associate and other

The old acquired or rescued are mostly import substitution, capital intensive industries with old and obsolete plant and equipment (Chemplex,  Olivine,  WMI, Deven,  Modzone Enterprises, Ginhole Investments), being mainly subsidiaries except for Modzone Enterprises  which is an Associate.

The relatively newly created regional and export oriented and automated strategic industries (Surface-Wilmar Investments, Sunway City, Sino Zimbabwe Cement Company, Motira (Private) Limited,) being mostly associates.

Sector coverage

The group thus covers a wide cross section of sectors, in  agro industries, motor and transport, glass, textiles, packaging, metal extrusion, industrial minerals, animal and health, furniture, chemical and fertiliser, dimension stone, insurance and real estate.